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Back in August of 2012, I put together a small gallery of covers from Superhombre, the Argentinian Superman comics title published by Muchnik Editores. I finally bought one a few weeks ago and it arrived over the weekend, so here are some scans.

The issue I have is #273 and is cover-dated Enero (January) 1957. The comic format is very different from U.S. comics. It’s horizontal and measures about 7-3/8″ wide by 5″ high. It’s printed entirely on newsprint paper, though the cover is a heavier weight than the interior pages. The covers are full color and the interiors are entirely in black and white. Let’s take a closer look.


Superhombre comic covers have an interesting tone to them, unlike the flat color of their American counterparts… I don’t know if the toning has something to do with printing the books on newsprint or if it’s a deliberate coloring choice, but it’s really nice.


The interior pages are black and white lineart without any shading. Because the pages are horizontal, the artwork had to be taken apart panel by panel and reoriented to the format, but it works. The first story in this issue is “The Toy Superman Contest,” originally published in Superman #100.


Superhombre isn’t just limited to Superman stories… it’s an anthology title. The second story in the book is from My Greatest Adventure, but I’m not exactly sure what the story is… maybe “My Million Dollar Dive” from issue #2.


The third tale is “The Disappearance of Superman” originally presented in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #4.


The fourth story in this issue of Superhombre is a Rex the Wonder Dog story. I think it’s “Four-Legged Circus Daredevil” from Rex the Wonder Dog #28.


Back to the Superman family for the fifth story… this one is a Superboy story called “The Super Robot” originally published in Superboy #52.


This is a Green Arrow story whose title translates to “The Arrow That Was Worth Millions,” but I cannot find it.


The last story in this issue is from Superman #104: “Clark Kent: Jailbird.”


Here’s a scan of the inside back page that has the comic indicia.


One disappointment about this comic is that there aren’t many ads. There’s a text coupon on the inside, but the back cover has an ad for a large reprint volume.

I would love to own more of these, but one of the downsides to buying foreign material is the postage… it basically doubles the price. If you are in the United States and have any of these for sale, please contact me.

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