Superman Peanut Butter Labels


Continuing last week’s theme of follow-up posts, here’s another look at Superman Peanut Butter, a product that was on store shelves in the early 1980s. I originally posted photos of a Superman Peanut Butter jar about a year ago. Since then, I’ve acquired a set of unused Superman Peanut Butter labels that show the various sizes and styles available… 12 oz. creamy in a slightly curved jar (curved label), and then creamy and crunchy in 12 oz., 18 oz., and big 28 oz. jars. Here are some scans… some of these are cut and ready to be applied and others remain uncut.





I just noticed that the jar I posted previously has a Good Housekeeping seal that none of these have, so that suggests there are additional variant labels out there, too.

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