DC Buildable Figurines Superman Capsule Toy


I found this in the capsule machine at the greatest comic book store in the world about a month ago. It’s a DC Buildable Figurine. The figure itself doesn’t have any markings or manufacturer information, but a header card I found online had the web address openbuildplay.com. That domain is registered to A&A Global Industries, a Maryland-based vending company that, according to its web site, has a 63% market share in the bulk vending business.

The figurine itself has an ingenious design. It’s a superdeformed figure that stands about 2-1/2″ high when constructed, and the head is actually large enough to hold the body of the figure which makes it easy to vend. The head’s split into two pieces; open the head, take out the body/base, and then snap the head onto the peg on the base and you’re done.

A&A Global’s released a number of different licensed characters in this format. While they’re no Funko, they’ve offered figures of Spongebob Squarepants, Marvel superheroes, NHL, NFL, South Park, and even Pixar characters.

This Superman was part of their DC superheroes series which also includes Batman, Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Joker.





Here’s a picture of what one of the header cards looks like.


Here’s the larger header card showing all six of the DC Buildable Figurines in the set.


While they are available randomly in gumball machines around the country, you can also pick up full sets on eBay and elsewhere.

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