Supergirl DC Superheroes Cookies


Inspired by a recent trip to visit my friends at Hake’s and see some of the items coming up in their March auction, I started looking for the DC Superheroes cookie boxes from the 1980s and found this set of six Supergirl boxes on eBay.

In the early 1980s, Nabisco obtained the license to DC superheroes and created DC Superheroes brand cookies shaped like DC heroes. Sold in small 2-1/2 oz. size perfect for snacking or school lunches, each of the boxes was decorated with the DC characters, and there are box variants with each different character featured on the front. This particular variant dated 1984 was branded as Supergirl cookies, a promotion in conjunction with the Helen Slater film released that year. The front of the package features Supergirl wearing her 1980s costume with the headband. I can’t identify the artist.


The left side has a checklist of heroes and villains on the boxes.


The right has the nutrition information as well as the date and company information.


On the back of each of the Supergirl-branded packages is a trading card with a photo from the Supergirl movie. There are 15 different cards in the set, but only have six of them.



I really like card #5, which features a nice callback to Christopher Reeve and Superman The Movie.





If you have any of the backs not pictured here for sale, please let me know.

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