Pibe-Landia Superman Card


Here’s another unusual find… I recently bought this trading card from Uruguay and I’m not quite sure what it is, the date or the manufacturer. The same seller had a number of different cards from the same series with a variety of different cartoon and superhero characters, including Tarzan, Woody Woodpecker, Spider-man, Captain America, Flash, Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, Mighty Mouse, Green Lantern, Zorro, and Popeye. Each of the cards has a point value on the front and a short prize list on the back, which suggests that it might have been an arcade prize redemption card.

I don’t know if the set was licensed.


Google Translate says that front reads:

Pibe-Landia … they translate this as “Finnish Kid” which seems very unlikely. I think it’s supposed to be Kid Land or something similar.

Numero de colleccion 54 … collector number 54

Valor 25 puntos … worth 25 points


Compre con puntos … buying with points

Con 2,000 puntos y 25 crackitos … with 2,000 points and 25 crackitos (?)
Dos tableros de basket-ball para ninos … Two panels of basketball for children (not sure what panels is in this context… games?)

Con 2,500 puntos y 30 crackitos … with 2,500 points and 30 crackitos
Un caja con 8 productos de tocador … a box of 8 products toilet (probably 8 toiletries?)

Con 3,000 puntos y 50 crackitos … with 3,000 points and 50 crackitos
Una pelota de futbol “5 Aros” (baby) o un futbolito de mesa … A football “5 rings” (baby) or a foosball table

If you know anything more about this, please contact me or post here. Thanks!

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