Superman Bread Wrapper


My first exposure to character bread wrappers was back in the late 1980s when a friend of mine found a cache of Batman wrappers from the 1960s. (If memory serves, the guy he bought them from was using them as freezer bags…) Thanks to the popularity of the Batman TV show in 1966, superheroes entered the popular consciousness, and Batman’s (and superhero) popularity drove an enormous merchandising machine that resulted in tons of Batman merchandise and a number of new Superman products, including this bread wrapper.

This wrapper measures roughly 8-1/2″ x 17″ and is printed in five colors (black, blue, red, yellow, and white) on a clear bag. The bag features colorful classic Superman stock art, with a large bold image on top and smaller images on the sides and the end where it would be wire-tied closed. It is dated 1966, and has some other information including the name of the baker (Genest Midwest Inc of Canton, Ohio) and ingredients and nutrition information.

In the interests of mad science, I went out and bought a loaf of bread and put the bread in the Superman wrapper just to see how it might have looked. Here are several pictures.








For a better view of the art on the wrapper, here are some scans of the top and bottom.



I don’t really like to talk about value on this site since that would date everything, but I don’t think these wrappers are super-rare compared to some of the other items of this period, so they aren’t particularly expensive for an almost 50 year old item. If you wait patiently, you should easily be able to find one for your Superman collection for a decent price.

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