DC Direct Action Comics #252 Statue

The Maid of Steel made of porcelain.

Published in 1959, Action Comics #252 features the first appearance of Superman’s cousin Supergirl, and its cover, drawn by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye and shown below, is one of the classics of the Silver Age.

In 2001, DC Direct, the toy and statue arm of DC Comics, released this recreation of that classic cover as a limited-edition porcelain statue. The sculptor Tim Bruckner did a great job of capturing that classic image in three dimensions. There are a couple of nits I’d pick when you compare the statue to the cover… the two figures aren’t angled quite right in relation to one another. Supergirl’s pose is just a little stiff, and she’s not looking at Superman. (May be a painting issue, as her eyebrows look a little crooked, too…) Curt Swan, the premier Superman artist who regularly drew the character from the 1940s (as Superboy) through the 1980s with the Byrne relaunch, really was a master of subtle body language, so it’s understandable that any reproduction, especially in three dimensions, might not be 100% perfect. I still think this is a great piece and I’m hoping to display it in front of a copy of Action Comics #252 someday.

This hand-painted statue comes in three pieces and, when assembled, stands about 14″ wide by 10-1/2″ high by 11″ deep. Limited to 2000 pieces, it originally retailed for $195.00.

I love the shocked expression on Superman’s face! WHHHHAAAAAA?

Here’s a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity, in case you want to read it:

Do you have a copy of Action Comics #252 you want to sell?

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