Supermán #790 Editorial Novaro


The cover of Superman #221 is one of my favorites because I always enjoy the very weird transformation stories and I’m just juvenile enough to find the concept of a fat Superman really funny, so I was pretty excited when I found this foreign reprint edition. This issue of Supermán was published by Editorial Novaro in Mexico in 1970.

And here are some scans:


The title on the original U.S. edition is “The Two-Ton Superman,” but this one translates as “Superman, Superheavyweight.”


The first story in the issue is “Revolt of the Super-Slave” in which a rebel living in a repressive regime dresses as Superman and eventually attracts Superman’s attention to help overthrow the dictator.

Some foreign publishers reletter the English language into their own by hand, but this one uses type similar to the old EC comics.


This text page provides some background information on the Superman cast. I like it because it has the Mexican equivalent names of the Superman cast, including Marta and Jonas Kent, Jaime Olsen, Lucia Lane, Pedro White, and Luisa Lane.


Opposite that text page is this great Curt Swan pinup of the Superman family.


Here’s the splash page for the fat Superman story in which Superman drinks an alien concoction that makes him super-fat. He has to do some super-exercise to lose weight.


There are a few ads inside this issue for other publications by Editorial Novaro, including this really nice one-page ad with sweet Dan DeCarlo art for Archie comics. What’s interesting is that the text talks about Archie and the gang and their antics, but the picture shows Josie and the Pussycats.

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