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Though I’m not a huge fan of New 52 (to put it lightly), I decided to pick up this Best Buy exclusive copy of the latest DC superheroes direct-to-video release from Warner Home Video Justice League War. Justice League War is based on the first New 52 story of the Justice League of America, featuring a new “modern” origin for the team.

As a longtime collector who is over 40, I am clearly not the target audience for this material. I prefer the silver age version of Superman and the Justice League, not a version where Flash curses and Green Lantern is a wisecracking goof.

That said, the movie itself wasn’t too horrible. I certainly didn’t hate the portrayal of Superman as an almost unstoppable force with greater power than the others, especially because every Batman fan in the world thinks Batman can beat Superman in a fight thanks to Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. I liked how Cyborg’s origin tied neatly into the story, too.

Here’s a preview of the movie from Youtube if you have any interest in it. Hope you like dubstep!

As for this limited set, It’s pretty nice. It includes a window box with the Blu-ray in standard case with a nice outer sleeve, and then a Superman figure.



The figure stands about 3-1/2″ tall and is based on his appearance in the movie, which looks to be manga-influenced crossed with Jim Lee. Yay on the manga, meh on the Jim Lee. The articulation is fairly limited, but it’s a pretty decent little figure.





Most of the reason I picked up the set is because I really wanted the figure. Most of the Best Buy figure sets don’t hang around very often any more, and some of them are getting crazy expensive on eBay. Look up Superman Batman Apocalypse and prepare to be amazed.

I also really like the idea of figurine premiums and I wish more companies would do this to drive sales. Ever since I got Netflix, I’ve been less inclined to buy Blu-rays and DVDs, but if more of them came with special premiums like these Best Buy figures, I’d be all over them.

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