Bonus Post: Hake’s Auction #211 Now Online!


Hake’s Auction #211 went online today, and their selection of Superman merchandise doesn’t disappoint… over 70 different pieces of classic Superman memorabilia are available for bid until March 20. And here are a few of my favorites… not including the stuff I plan on bidding on, of course!

Hakes 211 Superman 22

Superman #22 CGC 5.0 with a classic Jack Burnley cover

Hakes 211 Siegel and Shuster Drawing

Headlining the Superman section is this amazing piece of Joe Shuster Superman artwork with the signatures of both Superman creators.

Hakes 211 Supermen of America Membership Kit 1961

My great shame as a Superman collector is that I don’t own one of these great Supermen of America membership kits. One of these days, I will rectify that.

Hakes 211 Superman Ogilvie Minute Oats Box

Yes, I consigned this Ogilvie Minute Oat Superman box to Hake’s that was featured on my site here. Bid early and often so I can buy more Superman stuff.

Hakes 211 Superman Turnover Plane

I really, really want this Marx Superman Rollover plane, and I really like this silver version.

Hakes 211 Superman Metal Sculpture

This Superman metal sculpture is neat. Super heavy, too. I got to see this in person and it would look great on my shelf.

Hakes 211 Dean Cain Lois and Clark Superman Suit

I’m not a huge Lois and Clark fan, but this Dean Cain Superman suit is impressive.

Hakes 211 DC Superhero Stamp Album

I have never seen this boxed version of the DC Super Hero Stamp Album before. I featured a similar album that was a Pepsi promo after this set was released.

Hakes 211 Super Powers Video Standee

It’s hard not to like this great Super Powers Collection Video promotional standee as a Super Powers fan. The art looks to be Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, too.

Hakes 211 Gulliver Superheroes

Something else that’s pretty tough to find is this bagged set of DC superhero figures from Gulliver.

There’s plenty of other great collectibles in this auction, too, so have a look around and see what you can discover. Hake’s Auction #211 ends March 18 and 20, with the Superman items ending March 20.

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