Still more Superman Menko Cards


It’s been a while since I featured any more of these Japanese Menko cards, so here are a few more from my collection.

If you haven’t seen one of the earlier posts, check here, here, here, and here. But to recap, Menko is a Japanese trading card game similar to pogs, but the cards are also printed on the back with numbers (to see who has the highest) or with rock/paper/scissors. The card fronts feature everything including Sumo wrestlers, baseball players, cartoon characters, and even DC superheroes. The art on some of these is amazing; they’re brightly colored and nicely illustrated, even if they are a bit off model.

Unfortunately, the site I was using to identify manufacturers is no longer online, so I cannot really ID these. I can only guess that they are from the 1950s to 1960s.


I just bought some more of these a few months ago from Japan… unfortunately, the pile I got only had three different cards I didn’t already have, except as I was scanning these, I noticed that the two on the left have a slight printing variant where the edge is blue on one version. That’s a first for me. The other first is that the one on the far right looks an awful lot like George Reeves. It’s pure speculation that it would be him, but it certainly looks like him, doesn’t it?


The backs are printed in one color and have the fighting numbers, rock/paper/scissors hand, and some other drawings and text. The three on the left appear to be from the same series or company. The one on the right (the one with the George Reeves style front) is from another company.

Have any of these for sale? I’m always looking for more! Please contact me if you have any… Even if you aren’t interested in selling, I’d love to see what you have so I can figure out what’s out there.

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