Superman Sleeping Bag


It’s hard not to see one of these character sleeping bags from the 1970s and feel a pang of nostalgia. They’re a reminder of some of the best times you had as a kid: sleeping over at a friend’s house where you’d stay up late watching SCTV and playing Atari 2600, then crashing on the floor of the basement rec room in a sleeping bag like this one.

This Superman one is dated 1975, but there’s no tag or marking from a manufacturer. It measures roughly 60″ high by 30″ wide (60″ x 60″ unzipped), give or take an inch, and features wrap images of Superman comic strips with a huge figure of Superman on top. No high-tech fabrics here. It feels like it’s just straight up cotton to me, or maybe a cotton blend. It doesn’t have that slick feeling of a modern waterproof camping bag. This one is strictly for indoor use.


The bottom corner of the bag has two strings so that it can be folded and rolled up for easy storage. Here’s what it looks like completely unrolled…


I can’t identify the specific comics where these images came from, but it sure looks like a bunch of different stories from different eras: a Shuster Superman, a Wayne Boring, and even a Curt Swan. Here are some detail shots if you want to take a stab at it.




The inside of the bag is solid red.


And here’s a catalog image showing the sleeping bag, along with a selection of others, from the great Plaid Stallions web site. (Thanks, Brian!)

Superman-Sleeping-Bag-catalog page Plaidstallions

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