Cassanos Pizza DC Superheroes Name Tags


This is a series of labels from Cassano’s Pizza and Seafood. I never heard of Cassano’s before; they are an Ohio-based pizza chain that was founded in the 1950s and is still operating with locations in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois.

Dated 1977, these labels measure about 4″ wide by 2-7/8″ high and have very familiar artwork with DC superheroes. It’s familiar because it’s the exact same stock art that was used on Pepsi’s Super series of DC superhero promo glasses which I’ve posted previously here. In addition to the Cassano’s logo, they also have a Pepsi logo, so I believe this was a promotional tie-in with the glasses, though the labels don’t explicitly mention the glasses at all. If that’s the case, I’d also guess Pepsi and Cassano’s issued additional labels with the rest of the characters in the Pepsi Super series of glasses.

Based on the blank space within the word balloon and the size, these labels were probably used as name tags, but I guess they could have been used for just about anything. I’m sure there was tremendous comedy potential for bored restaurant employees with these.

Here are some scans:






If you have any of the others in the series, or know any more about Cassano’s Pizza’s Pepsi Super Series glass promotion, please contact me or post here.

Update: March 4, 2016

Tony Seger contacted me recently to let me know he had a name tag that I don’t… Wonder Woman. He was kind enough to send a scan of it to share.


Thanks, Tony!

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