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One of my favorite Superman collectibles is candy wrappers, so I was excited when I ran across a few new Superman-branded candies at the local dollar store. I was even happier that none of these uses the New 52 designs that are so prevalent in today’s Superman merchandise. There’s hope yet!


The first is Justice League Popping Candy, which is an awful lot like Pop Rocks. It’s sold in a large bag of 22 smaller packs with four different Justice League characters: Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, and Superman. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg did not make the cut.


The back of the package says this product was made in China and distributed by World Confections, Inc. of New Jersey. World Confections, according to their web site, was founded in 1952 and imports/manufactures a variety of candy including candy sticks (made in the U.S.), taffy, popping candy, licorice, and bubble gum. They have a bunch of licenses, too, including Batman, Superman, the Flintstones, Popeye, Marvel Superheroes, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Here are some pics of each of the packs. The designs are really nice, and are the same front and back. Each pack is kind of small, but what do you want for less than nickel? I opened one of the Flash packs just to try it and it definitely pops.


I actually found this pack of Batman/Superman Candy Tarts before Christmas last year. Batman/Superman Candy Tarts are sold five illustrated boxes per pack and each contains candy tarts shaped like the emblems of each hero. These are distributed by Hilco Corporation of King of Prussia, PA. Hilco manufactures/distributes candy novelties including those Superman gumball machines you see at Toys R Us.


Last but not least is my favorite of the bunch… Superman Taffy. This is another World Confections, Inc. product and it’s just spectacular. Each pack includes nine bars (had to fold the package under to fit it in the shot); there were five flavors in my pack, including the dreaded “Mystery Flavor.” Each flavor has its one pack design, too, so it just looks great on display and is very eye-catching on the shelf. What’s interesting to me is that they are also using the old DC logo on their package design, too.

In case you are looking for these, the taffy bars and the popping candy are both still around. I bought them within the last week at Dollar Tree. (And there are Marvel versions, too, if you happen to be an Avengers or Iron Man fan.)

Edited to add: Supercollector Jamie Reigle pointed out in the comments of my Facebook post about this post that I have barely scratched the surface of the dollar store Superman candy treasure trove, and he posted more than a half dozen additional examples that I hadn’t seen. All the more reason to Like my Facebook page!

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  1. I too love the art on these packages. Between you and me, I’v had to fight hard not to snatch ’em up whenever I see them. Not for anti-candy reasons but because I would hoard these. Seriously. I also agree and find it interesting that most all of the novelty items out now from DC are the classic character looks and designs. and not the “everybody go commando” 52.

    Great read!

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