2014 General Mills Justice League Breakfast Cereal Promo


Back in 2011, General Mills teamed up with DC Comics to offer Justice League mini-comics inside select boxes of General Mills breakfast cereal. And now they’re back again, with four more new Justice League comics, and a series of Justice League-related dress-up cutouts on the backs of specially marked boxes. A fifth Justice League comic is available exclusively at Target in Cheerios cereal boxes. What I like in particular about these is that they are all the classic, pre-New 52 designs.

I found the first one, this family size box of Lucky Charms, at Target a couple weeks ago, and have been looking for the others ever since (found the last one just yesterday).


All of the box fronts in the series feature the standard cereal box design with a Justice League themed overlay with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, plus sample covers of the four non-exclusive Justice League comics.


Each back of the box features cut out designs that can be used for play. The characters pictured on the back are the same four as the front plus Cyborg. I’ve found four different backs so far, but I’m not sure if that’s it or if there are more. This back, on the family-sized Lucky Charms, has Cyborg’s power symbol, Batman’s Batarang (though it looks to me more like it’s just a mislabeled Bat-symbol), and Wonder Woman’s tiara.


The sides of each of the non-exclusive boxes are all the same with Fun Facts about the Justice League. No Cyborg on the this panel… it’s still the four on the front, plus Flash and Aquaman. In case you can’t read the tiny print:

  • Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite and magic.
  • Batman has no superpowers.
  • Wonder Woman is one of the strongest super heroes in the DC Universe.
  • Hal Jordan is the first human Green Lantern to protect Space Sector 2814.
  • Flash’s powers are connected to a source called the Speed Force.
  • Aquaman’s Atlantean name is Orin.

Poor Aquaman gets no respect… everyone else’s facts are pretty cool, but his is that he has the same name as a senator from Utah (and the weird goth kid from Parks and Recreation).


Cookie Crisp has the same banner on the front and the same side panel with Fun Facts (not pictured).


The back cutouts are different. This one comes with a Batman grappling hook (which looks more like a Batarang to me), Green Lantern’s mask, and Cyborg’s chest emblem.


This one was the tricky one to find. My friend Jay of Superman Premiums sent me some pics of this box shortly after I found the Lucky Charms one, so I had to track it down…


…because the back is the one with the Superman emblem. It also has Wonder Woman’s bracelets and Green Lantern’s ring.


In addition to the cereal boxes and comics that are available everywhere, Target stores offer their own exclusive box and comic in specially-marked boxes of Cheerios. Again, the front banner is the same as the others, aside from the Target Exclusive logo.


Their back is interesting. The cutouts this time are Batman’s cowl and Green Lantern’s emblem. I don’t know if it was an oversight, but neither cutout is labeled like the ones on the other boxes.


One other difference about the Target box is the side panel features an ad for the Target exclusive “stealth release” JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time DVD. Plus, inside the box, there’s a $3 coupon for the DVD that’s valid until November. I’ll have to keep my eye out for a sale until then!

In addition to the boxes with the cutouts, there are five different comics in the series, numbered 5-9 to continue the numbering from the previous General Mills Justice League comic promo. Issue #9 is available only in that Target Cheerios box, but I was pretty lucky to get the other four without getting any duplicates. Each of these comics features a short story that has an online sequel at General Mills’ web site bigcerealheroes.com. You don’t actually have to own the comics to read the second parts of the story, either, and each of the promo comics stands alone without the second online part.

Each comic measures 5″ x 7″ and has 24 story pages. The stories are actually pretty nice; self-contained tales where a couple members of the Justice League investigate a crime and get into fights where the rest of the League shows up to save the day. The inside back cover of each book has a game page with a crossword, maze, or other puzzle that’s related to the story inside that issue.


Justice League #5 “Escape from Monster Island” features Superman and Aquaman as they investigate a theft from Monster Island, a hidden island where dinosaurs still roam. Ra’s Al Ghul and Black Manta team to fight the Justice League with the help of some mind-controlled dinosaurs.


Justice League #6 “Lost on Mars” begins with Cyborg and Green Lantern exploring a recently-abandoned Mars space facility. The astronauts abandoned their post to find an Olympian artifact, so Green Lantern calls in Wonder Woman for help. Kanjar Ro is the villain.


Justice League #7 “To Catch A Thief” features Flash, who enlists the aid of master thief Catwoman and fellow superhero Batman to help him figure out why Mirror Master has been stealing seemingly random items from scientific facilities in Central City.


Justice League #8 “Walking on Fire” begins with the Justice League fighting Granny Goodness and an army of Parademons to distract them long enough to allow Cyborg to be kidnapped from the Justice League Watchtower. Darkseid wants to use Cyborg’s technology to create a man/machine Mother Box.


Justice League #9 “Swap Meet” features Batman and Superman as they try to figure out why their bodies have been switched with Joker and Lex Luthor, and how they can stop Joker, who is in Superman’s body.

According to this article in USA Today, these should be available through the end of April, so happy hunting!

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