Total Heroes Superman


Available now. this Total Heroes Superman is the latest mass market Superman action figure to hit store shelves. Part of the first wave of Mattel’s Total Heroes line, he stands about 6″ tall with (ugh) New 52 styling and a cloth cape. It reminds me a bit of the Superman figure Target released last year, but it’s a bit larger and more angular in style.

The card pictured below uses Rags Morales’ Superman art from New 52’s Action Comics #1, which makes no sense since the figure looks nothing like that. There is a variant card, however, using Jim Lee’s art from the variant of Action Comics #1 with Superman in his New 52 uniform. I don’t think one is more rare or desirable than the other, but I had an easier time finding this one.



2 thoughts on “Total Heroes Superman

  1. Also baffling that they used the golden age Superman logo. While I’ve vowed to never buy any merch featuring the New 52 costume, this one was tempting just because of the bizarre juxtaposition of imagery. Still, resist I did.

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