7Up Superman III Movie Adaptation


In 1983, 7up teamed with DC Comics and Carl’s Jr restaurants to offer a movie adaptation of Superman III, the follow up to the highly successful Superman The Movie and Superman II. Superman III starred Richard Pryor, and did not set the box office on fire like the first two films, unfortunately.


The adaptation is in standard comic format and features a nice photo cover of Reeve flying.


The inside front cover features another pin-up of Reeve, plus movie credits.


The interior art was by Curt Swan. Though I’m a huge Swan fan, he probably isn’t the best choice to do movie-accurate likenesses. His Richard Prior is pretty bad.


Back cover is another pin-up of Reeve as Superman. Oddly enough, there’s no real advertising for 7up in the comic beyond the logo on the front cover.

There is a non-giveaway version of the Superman III adaptation from DC with a $1.00 cover price. I don’t have that one!


Here’s a large pinback button that was worn by Carl’s Jr. employees to promote the giveaway. This measures 4″ in diameter with a drawing of Superman. I can’t ID the artist, but I think it’s probably José Luis García-López just based on the timing.

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