Superman und Batman #7 (5+6) 1967


This is an issue of the German language reprint title Superman und Batman published by Ehapa Verlag GBmH. This one is numbered 7 (5+6) with a cover date of April 8, 1967. Complicating matters, the publisher renumbered issues every year according to this excellent German comic reference page for Superman und Batman.

Superman und Batman initially started as Superman only in 1966 and there were four issues published that year. Renumbering started in 1967, and the first three issues of 1967 were again Superman only. The first issue of Superman und Batman is actually #3, and the publisher skipped #s 5 and 6 when they moved to biweekly publishing, so Superman und Batman #7 is actually the third Superman and Batman issue. Whew!

The issue measures 6-7/8″ wide by 10-1/4″ high, and is printed on whiter, thinner paper than the newsprint used by American comics publishers. There are 32 pages, including the cover, and there are four stories inside.


Here’s the front cover of the issue drawn by Curt Swan and George Klein. The cover story was originally published in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #35 (cover dated March 1959), and this cover is actually the central image of a collage cover published when this story was reprinted in 80pg. Giant #13. I unfortunately don’t own that issue, but here’s a link to it from DC Wikia.


Shown above is the original cover Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #35. I understand why the German publisher didn’t use this one… there are too many words!


The main story in this issue is “Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s Enemy” from the aforementioned Jimmy Olsen #35. In this tale, Superman gives Jimmy a gem from a distant planet for his collection, and the gem makes Jimmy hate Superman and causes various shenanigans, including this sequence where Jimmy defaces a Daily Planet infographic about Superman.




Here’s one of the house ads in this issue. I really like the design; it’s very sophisticated for a comic book! Here’s the translation for the text:

“Superman, the most eligible bachelor in the world, is to marry! Lois Lane and Lana Lang compete for his favor. He will decide for whom? As the battle between Super-Lois and Super-Lana starts, read the next issue.”


The second story in this issue is “The Girl Who Hated Supergirl,” originally published in Action Comics #305 cover dated October 1963. In this story, a girl mistakenly hates Supergirl because she believes Supergirl’s rocket caused a fire that killed her father and paralyzed her brother. Supergirl takes the girl to the Fortress of Solitude, where they watch the accident and Supergirl’s origin story through Superman’s time telescope, and the girl learns she’s been wrong all along.


Here’s another house ad, similar in style to the first one. Google Translate translates it as follows:

“Lois Lane would like to know under what name Superman is hiding. One day she has the keys to his great secret in hand. Read in Issue 8 The Rainbow Clark.”


The Batman and Robin tale in this issue is “The Globe of Mysteries,” originally printed in Batman #91 cover dated April, 1955.


The last story in the issue is a two-page filler called “The Rocket Doctor.”


The back cover of the issue features the same Carmine Infantino artwork used on the Superman und Batman promo sign featured previously on this site.

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