Superhero (A 1990s Superman Bootleg Figure)


Here’s a weird old bootleg I found on eBay a while back. This one is Superhero… it’s pretty obvious which superhero he is in spite of a slight attempt at changing his costume on the box art with red gloves and a red chest protector. I don’t know the manufacturer as it’s not mentioned anywhere on the box. Though the date isn’t mentioned, the style is certainly based on the 1990s Superman after the death of Superman storylines and his subsequent return with long hair. Not exactly my favorite version, but I thought this was interesting enough to pick up.

Superhero comes in an illustrated window box with some kind of accessory wired to the top. Is it supposed to be a staff? I’m not sure. Oddly enough, his cape is wired separately to the backer card as if it’s another accessory rather than part of Superman’s costume.



The figure itself stands about 10″ tall and is made of molded plastic. It’s actually not too bad a sculpt, but the paint on this thing is sloppy, extremely cheap, and prone to rubbing. I was the first person to take this out of the box when I photographed it and it already had numerous paint rubs. I think it may be based on one of the large Superman figures Hasbro released back then, or possibly even a larger version of a smaller Hasbro figure, though I couldn’t find an exact match in a cursory search on eBay and doesn’t ring any bells. Anyone have any opinions?





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  1. I believe the body is lifted from Toybiz’ Hercules/Marvel lines and the head is copied over from the 10″ Kenner Man of Steel Statue/figure. Its definitely a sharp attempt for a bootleg. I wouldn’t mind picking one of these up.

    I just bought an 8″ Kenner Man of Steel Bootleg a few weeks ago under the guise that it was a “Prototype” my loss money wise but also an interesting piece.

  2. Hey Steve,

    That box art is actual swiped from the comic that came in the Superman/Batman 2-pack in the Superman: Man of Steel line by Kenner. The art (at least the original) is actually by none other than John Byrne! The Superman that came in this set had that odd costume. Kenner did several variations of that figure, including a mail-in version with translucent parts.

    As for the body…I THINK (not sure) that this body sculpt originated at Toy Biz. I think it may have even originated in the 5″ X-Men line as a bod for Archangel. But Toy Biz used a sized up version for their 10″ Marvel line of figures. These figures were all over Kay-Bee toys back in the day, and they had a very few “bucks” they used across the line, using paint to show other costume details.

    I’ve seen lots of boot leg figures use this body in both it’s 5″ and 10″ size. Everything from Super Heroes like this one to ninjas and Power Ranger-knockoffs.


  3. Awesome info, guys. Thanks very much for your assistance.

    Jamie Reigle posted on my Facebook page that this figure was from the Philippines and that he was able to purchase them from a buyer who lived there.

  4. This is a great bootleg Superman! The packaging is beautiful and I think the cape is pretty cool! I wish I knew where to buy more bootlegs — I think they are so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing this~

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