Superman Heroes Gumball Machine Header Card


I’m not exactly sure what this awesome item from Japan is, but I believe it might be a gumball/capsule toy machine display card, or maybe it was sold separately. It features seven different simple plastic figures and a small charm in the center, all shrinkwrapped/attached to the perforated card. The large figures, which stand about 2-1/2″ high, are Superman and Wonder Woman, and the smaller ones, which stand about 1-1/2″ high, are Superman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow.

The artwork on this item is particularly amazing. The layout reminds me a lot of the Alex Toth Superfriends drawing with the colored rays in the background. The big Superman figure looming over the Superfriends looks like the one from Superman #300, which was also featured on the first issue of Maverick’s Superman comic series published in Japan.

The card says “Superman Heroes” on the top and the lower right has a 1979 copyright date as well as “Distributed/Sold by BUP” in small letters on the lower right.


The seller I purchased this from on Yahoo Japan has offered a few of these so far. Each has had a different assortment of figures and charms… I’d imagine putting together a set would be very difficult, though I have seen loose Superman figures from the set turning up on eBay. Here are two additional examples of this item from his auctions which show additional characters… hard to tell from the pictures, but I think I spot Supergirl, Batman, and Robin in there, and maybe even Green Lantern and Captain Marvel.



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