Hakes Auction #213 Now Online


Once again, my friends at Hakes Americana & Collectibles have put together a great assortment of vintage Superman items for their latest auction. Running through November 13, Auction #213 features a number of very rare and highly desirable Superman items. Here are some of the highlights:


Superman Fo-Lee Gum Corp. Premium Badge with Pin

Action Comics 252

Action Comics #252 featuring the first appearance of Supergirl… I hate to use the term “hot” because it’s so often associated with the comic book speculator mentality of the 1990s, but, because it’s such an important key issue that’s getting harder and harder to find at an affordable price, Action #252 is definitely a “hot” book.


Superman #11 featuring a classic Fred Ray cover. This would look great on display behind one of those Hallmark Golden Age Superman statues… hmmm, I wonder if that spine roll would press out.


Jimmy Olsen #120 original cover artwork by Curt Swan and Neal Adams. Swandams doesn’t quite have the same ring as Swanderson, does it?


Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #22… an awesome digest comic cover of Christmas with the Superheroes by Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano.

Superman Handkerchief

Rare Superman 1940 Handkerchief… a very early, rare Golden Age piece of merchandising never before offered by Hake’s.


Syroco Superman statue, brown and red version. I’m so glad I have one of these already!


Superman “Supermen of America” Complete Membership Kit… I don’t typically post the things I’m bidding on, but for this I’m making an exception. What a cool item, and it’s ready for display in a nice frame. I’d bet the custom frame cost as much as the low end of their auction estimate.


Superman The Movie Autograph Lot featuring Christopher Reeve… Take a look at eBay and see how much an authentic Reeve autograph sells for and then come back to Hake’s and bid on this great lot. The Reeve alone is worth the price, especially since it’s JSA authenticated. I would be all over this if I hadn’t just picked one up already.


It’s really hard to pick, but I think my favorite item from this auction are these great Gum Inc. Superman trading cards from 1940. Hake’s is offering two different lots of SGC graded cards: 1 through 48 and the rarer high number cards 49 through 72. These cards are definitely on my “someday” list, but are unfortunately out of my price range. I should have gone to law school instead of getting an art degree.

All of these items are available for bid right now at hakes.com, with the auctions starting to close on Thursday, November 13. Bid early, bid often!

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