Neil Cole’s Superman Collection Pics

Neil Cole of the excellent web site Superman Super Site was kind enough to send me a few pictures of his collection and allow me to share them with you.

Neil mentioned, “This is about 25% of my collection and the bulk of it is in boxes or storage.” Boy, do I know that feeling.


Neil’s huge display of Superman figures makes me go through mentally and check off which ones I have and which I don’t. Some other highlights that jumped out at me: a Superman promo floor cooler display for Superman energy drink by Sobe (lower left), a set of Pepsi Superman the Movie glasses (on the left second shelf down in the display case), and what look to be a few items from the Superman Celebration in Metropolis on the floor in front of the action figures.


What stood out to me on this photo are the movie theater seats! Wow… not a Superman item, but I’m totally jealous. Also making appearances: A cool Superman stein (on the shelf above the Man of Steel poster), a Superman of Metropolis award certificate (I think signed by Siegel and Shuster) hanging over the Superman Returns poster, and a Superman milk promotional poster on the left on the floor.


Lots of great stuff here: a Superman Batman Public Enemies promo cape, a 12″ DC Superheroes Cyborg Superman figure in the original box (on the floor to the left of the big Superman Returns figure), and a Man of Steel store display from Wal-mart.


Lots of great statues in this pic, including a Warner Brothers store exclusive Silver Age style Superman that I really want to get someday. What really stands out in this picture, though, is the HUGE Superman Returns promo banner hanging in the background.

Very cool collection, Neil! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

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