Superman Highlights in Hake’s Auction #214

Once again, Hake’s Americana and Collectibles has assembled a nice collection of items for their latest Auction #214, including an especially strong Superman merchandise section. Here are some of my favorites:


Superman #9: CGC 4.5 (Restored): Classic early Fred Ray cover, and since it has the Purple Label of Death, it might go for a reasonable price.


Original art for the Superman Pep Pin: Probably my favorite item this time, this piece of art is the original one used to create Superman pins given away with Pep cereal in the 1940s.


Cleveland Plain Dealer Superman Promo Sign: Cardboard sign announcing the addition of Superman to the comics page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 1940. Very rare item made especially cool because Cleveland was where Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster lived and met.


Atom Man vs. Superman Three Sheet Movie Poster: This would look great on my living room wall, I think… huge at 41″ x 77-3/4″ (3’5″ x 6’5-3/4″).


Pakistani Superman Movie Serial Poster: A delightfully off-model foreign Superman poster? Love it.


Mego 8 Inch Superman Mint in Box: As a 70s kid, Mego action figures are my absolute favorite all time toy line. I really want this box variation (with the white outline), too, but the condition is a little rough for me. Still, this could end up a bargain for someone. I’ve seen loose nice ones sell for as much as this opening bid.


Super Powers Brainiac on Trilingual Card: This is a foreign variant I’ve never seen before, though I’m not a huge Super Powers collector… a Brainiac on a German/English/Spanish card. You probably won’t see this one again.


Marvel & DC “Superheroes” Vending Machine Display Card: This is a display card used in capsule vending machines that sold flasher (also known as vari-vue) cards and iron on patches for 25 cents. I like the flashers in particular because they have a mix of DC and Marvel heroes and their secret identities.


Spanish “Superman on the Doomed Planet” Card Album: Another great foreign Superman item, this 1950s Spanish album features artwork that appears to be created for this merchandise (rather than using existing U.S. art), though you can definitely see a Wayne Boring influence in Superman’s face. Great item.

In addition to the Superman section, there’s plenty of other great stuff to browse through and bid on in Hake’s Auction #214. The Superman section starts to close on Thursday, March 19 at noon.

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