Total Heroes Bizarro and Steel


Thanks in no small part to the proliferation of the New 52 Superman design in Superman merchandise, my interest in new mass market Superman toys is at a near all time low. However, I do kind of like Mattel’s Total Heroes line of action figures in spite of their New 52 Superman; its design is just the right level of modern simplicity for me. I found these two Superman-related additions to the Total Heroes line a few months back: Bizarro and Steel.


Happily, Mattel went with the classic Bizarro design for the figure, and it really works well. I still haven’t picked up DC Direct’s rockabilly Frankenstein version of the character.



Steel was a total surprise to me, harkening back to those pre-Internet days when you really didn’t know what was coming out until you found a new figure and could check the back of the card for the rest of them. I didn’t know he was going to be offered, and just stumbled on him on a random Toys R Us visit.


He’s a nice figure, well worth a pickup. Again, they didn’t go strictly with the New 52 aesthetic. If you look at the card art, it almost looks like Cyborg instead of Steel.


I’m hoping the Total Heroes line keeps going. I’d love to see more Superman related characters like Brainiac or a single-packed Lex Luthor or maybe even Supergirl (even though, oddly enough, there haven’t been ANY female characters in Total Heroes yet).

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