Starlog #6 Japanese Edition


In 1978, the Tsurumoto Room Company, Ltd. began publishing the pop science fiction magazine Starlog in Japan. The Japanese issues were squarebound with full color covers with the interior pages a mix of black and white and color on newsprint paper. Like their U.S. counterpart, there were also a lot of ads for other sci-fi related products and publications. There were even Starlog stores in Japan; my friend Brian published some pictures a while back on his amazing site Plaid Stallions.


I often buy magazines and comics because I love the cover design, and this would be one of those that I had to own after I saw it. This cover, from the sixth issue of the Japanese version of Starlog, just screams 70s superheroes and includes three huge pop culture superheroes that laid the groundwork for today’s superhero film resurgence: Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, Lou Ferrigno’s Incredible Hulk, and Christopher Reeve’s Superman. Everything about this cover is just amazing, and it’s hard for me not to smile when I look at it.

On the inside front cover of the magazine was a tipped in foldout poster of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. My copy of the issue does have it, but I didn’t want to ruin the magazine to remove and photograph it. However, I found a small scan of it at


The interior of the magazine has five pages devoted to Superman The Movie. I don’t read Japanese at all, so I can’t really tell you what the article says specifically, but there are plenty of color stills of the movie.


This two page spread has a lot of photos from pivotal scenes in the movie, including the sentencing of Zod, Ursa, and Non to the Phantom Zone, Jor-El and Lara’s launch of Kal-El’s rocket to Earth, the destruction of Krypton, the discovery of the rocket by the Kents, Superman flying, Lois Lane, and the Daily Planet.


Two more pages of pictures from Superman The Movie with Lex Luthor, and a small corner blurb. The right column shows some American publications with Superman covers, including Future, Famous Monsters, and Starlog.


The back cover features several Superman products available for order, including two very cool treasury editions, some Superman paperbacks, and the Superman The Movie soundtrack album.

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