Superman Skip Rope


Just a quick post about a goofy item I picked up recently. This is a Superman Skip Rope released by Vanity Fair Industries. Vanity Fair Industries released several kid-oriented pieces of exercise equipment as part of their Physical Fitness Superheroes line, including a power bar (one of those bars with the spring in the middle), a power wheel (an elastic band with handles and a wheel in the center… pull the handles outward and make the wheel spin), a power expander (springs with handles on the ends… pull the handles outward to expand your chest), and power grips (a hand exerciser), and this skip rope.

I don’t have much interest in this line because it’s basically some cheap stuff with stickers on it, but I had to have this when I saw it because I love the silly packaging artwork on the front of Superman skipping rope. It’s clearly a knockoff of the famous Neal Adams Superman #233 cover, redrawn to put a jump rope in Superman’s hands.


I’m not taking it out of the package, but the skip rope is actually pretty decent looking. It’s made of plastic with some springs on the handles. The handles have wraparound stickers with head shots of DC superheroes.


Even better is the line art in the instructions on the back, which shows Superman really getting into his rope skipping. His form is very unusual.

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