Amazing Superman Collection in Hakes Auction #215


Auction #215, the latest from Hake’s Americana and Collectibles, went online last week and it features dozens of prime Superman items consigned from one of the greatest Superman collections ever assembled: the Franco Toscanini collection. As a result, their Superman category this round is super-stacked full of amazing Superman merchandise from the Golden Age through the modern era. There’s so much stuff I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m just going to go through the listing page by page and give you a rundown of the lots I really like.

There are several primo Golden Age Superman issues up for grabs this time, including several favorite covers of mine.


Superman #23 CGC 7.0 – A nice copy of an amazing Jack Burnley cover. A classic composition… How’d you like to see an angry Superman swimming toward you?


Superman Work Book CGC conserved 8.0 – A book I’ve never seen or heard of before, this features the classic patriotic Fred Ray cover from Superman #14.


Superman #32 CGC restored 7.5 – Another favorite cover of mine, this one by Wayne Boring features a great image of Superman laughing off being struck by lightning. This is one of those times where I wouldn’t mind having a restored grade, because that black background can look really bad if the copy is beat up. I’ve passed up several because of that… well, and because they’re always expensive!

If you like original art, there’s a lot in this auction. I’ve never really been into it, but there are a lot of nice examples from classic Superman artists.


Original Joe Shuster Superman pin-up – Superman’s co-creator Joe Shuster drew this way back in 1945. Awesome.


Original Wayne Boring Superman comic strip art – Love the detail of the fourth panel in particular on this Boring art from 1946.


Fred Ray Superman #12 cover recreation – Fred Ray was one of the great Superman cover artists, and this is a recreation of his classic armed forces cover from 1941.


Alex Ross original painting – For those who prefer modern artists, here’s a beautiful Superman pinup by modern master Alex Ross.

One of my favorite treatments of Superman in any medium is the 1940s era Superman cartoon shorts from Fleischer Studios. Here are two of my favorites from the many Fleischer items offered in the auction:


Fleischer Superman Original Color Model


Superman Fleischer Cartoons Movie Poster

Moving on, there are so many iconic Superman toys in this auction… I just sift through and say, “I want” over and over again.


Ideal Superman Wood and Composition Doll – Hake’s has offered these several times, but what makes this one special, aside from its superior condition, is that it has the original box.


Marx Superman Rollover Plane – Again, this one has the original box, too. I want one of these so bad!


Linemar Superman Turnover Tank – This one also has the original box. I love the art on the box, even if it is off-model. Maybe I love it because it’s off-model. That Duane was a lucky kid.


Ogilvie Superman Premium Decal Sheet – This one surfaced as a result of my find of this rare Canadian cereal premium a couple years ago… only the person who consigned this one also saved the original mailing envelope!


Rare Superman “Flying Spaceman” motorcycle toy – This rare Japanese tin friction toy is something I’m pretty sure I will never own, but it’s always nice to see.


Captain Action Superman Mint in Box – This toy is probably one of my top wants… I’m still debating whether to bid on this or not. It’s awfully pretty, and the bid is at a very reasonable level at this point.


Superman Multiple Toymakers Squirt Gun – This is another of my top wants. I just love the combination of the blue and red figure against the yellow with the classic comics. Great overall design.


Mego Super Softies Superman – I featured the talking version of this plush figure a while back… this is the smaller, non-talking version. Very tempting for a Mego collector like me, and these don’t really come up very often.


French Superman Target Game – As a fan of foreign and unusual Superman items, and a 70s kid, this item scratches several of my itches. So tempting!


Pepsi Superman Glass Counter Displays – I want these because they’d be a perfect way to display my vintage Superman Pepsi glasses.


Hasbro Justice League of America Coloring Set – As a big fan of DC’s Silver Age, I love this very early piece of Justice League of America merchandise. That box art is just wonderful.

This has to be one of my longest Hake’s auction posts, and it feels like I’ve barely even scratched the surface of what they’re offering this auction. I’ve barely even looked at any of the non-Superman categories, either. As always, bid early and bid often. These auctions begin to close on Thursday, July 16th at noon.

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