Clay Art Superman Cookie Jar

Superman’s here… to protect your cookies!

Clay Art, a company specializing in handpainted ceramic table-top and kitchenware products, released several Superman and Batman products in 1998, including this handsome Superman cookie jar. Standing roughly 10″ tall, its design was influenced by the golden age. The original box features Joe Shuster artwork from the cover of Superman #6 along with several early Superman covers.

This item was offered a limited edition of 2500, but these aren’t particularly rare, with a half dozen or so sitting on eBay at any given time. Still, it’s a really nice looking jar with a lot of display appeal.

Lift Superman’s head to retrieve delicious cookies, assuming you put them in there.

Clay Art’s Superman and Batman products included a cookie jar, ceramic bank, and salt-and-pepper shakers. They are all very nice and well worth seeking out for the Superman or Batman collector.

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