Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Shield Clash Superman


With the newest Superman movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just about ten weeks away, and with mass market retailers like Target and Walmart doing their post-Christmas resets of their toy aisles, some of the new Batman v Superman merchandise has begun to roll into stores. The collector/expensive action figure line is labeled DC Multiverse; those figures retail for around $20, and while they’re nicely sculpted and appear to be good quality, I’m just not interested in paying that much, so I’m waiting for the inevitable clearance on that stuff. I did, however, notice that there’s a cheaper play line geared toward younger kids and people that don’t want to spend $20 on an action figure, so I picked one of them up.


I found this guy on a huge Batman v Superman toy endcap at my local Walmart… the same place where I picked up the Superman caramel crunch cereal I featured in a previous post. Retail price was $9.99… not too bad considering the Multiverse ones cost twice as much. The figure stands about 6″ tall and reminds me of a cross between the style of the Multiverse figures and the stylistically simplified DC Total Heroes line. This version comes with a non-obtrusive S shield accessory.

I also spotted the play line of Batman v Superman figures at Target, but for some reason, they did not have this plainer Superman version… they had a version with some weird non-Superman-like battle armor called Epic Battle Superman.


The back of the card shows a nice picture of the figure and shield, plus smaller photos of some of the other figures in the line. The Epic Battle version is not pictured on the back of this one for some reason. Also not pictured: Aquaman.

I expect these will be flooding the stores as we approach the March 25 release of the movie, so if you can’t find them just now, be patient and they’ll probably show up near you.

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