Dr Pepper Batman v Superman Soda Cans


While doing my regular grocery shopping, I was excited to see this Dr. Pepper 12 pack promoting the new Superman movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I picked one up without looking too carefully at it, though I did spot that there are five different characters on the cans in this promotion. I thought I’d get a set of characters out of one twelve pack, but that’s not how this works. Each different Dr. Pepper flavor has a different character. It doesn’t matter too much, because I didn’t spot any of the other Dr. Pepper flavors with this promotion on it yet… These cans must be just starting to show up. Here are some pictures.


The front of the case shows Batman and Superman grimacing at each other.


The bottom of the case shows pictures of each of the different cans available. In order to get a full set, you have to buy each different Dr. Pepper flavor. Batman is in regular Dr. Pepper and the other characters you can get are:


Lois Lane in Dr. Pepper Ten.


Superman in Diet Dr. Pepper.


Wonder Woman in Dr. Pepper Cherry.


Lex Luthor in Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.

It’s probably good for me that the Superman characters are all the diet options.


The end of the case shows a picture of the Batman can, but I opened my 12 pack (horrors, no longer mint in box!) and took some shots of the can.


The front has the movie logo and a stepped-and-repeated background of Batman logos.


And here’s good old Batman.

I’m not really a Dr. Pepper drinker, but I’ll probably end up picking up the rest of the Superman ones. I found these at Target but I’d imagine they’ll show up just about everywhere really soon.

Here’s the official Dr. Pepper Batman v Superman site. Dr. Pepper is also offering a promo with five prequel comics when you purchase their 20 ounce bottles, but you can just be lazy and read them here if you want. (I’m probably going to avoid reading them because spoilers.)

3-6-2016 Edit:

Picked up a few more of the characters and got pics of the cans.





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