General Mills Batman v Superman Cereal Promos


One of my favorite parts of the run-up to a large movie release like Batman v Superman is finding grocery store promotions. Man of Steel, unfortunately, lacked any breakfast cereal promos, but thankfully, General Mills picked up the gauntlet this time. In addition to the Superman and Batman branded cereals I wrote about previously, they’re also offering a comic book prequel tie-in with a few of their own brands of breakfast cereal. So far, I found the three shown below, but these comics should be showing up on specially marked boxes of Trix, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Golden Grahams.

There are four different promo comics available. I don’t really know if they are randomly packed or if you get a different comic in each brand, but I lucked out and got three of the four by buying each of these. (And darned if I can remember which comic came out of which box! Sorry!)

Here are pictures. Each of the box fronts with the Batman v Superman promo has a banner that shows Batman and Superman with FREE COMIC BOOK INSIDE, so these should be easy to spot on the shelf.




The box backs are all the same on the three cereals I bought. It’s a game called “WHO WILL SAVE THE CITY?” where Superman and Batman race to save civilians from various tragedies. Come on, people. We all know Superman would win in about the time it would take Batman to blink! 🙂


I’m not going to scan the comics because, as I’ve previously linked, there’s a site that allows you to read all four right here.

In addition to this cereal promo, I also found a Doritos promo which I will feature in a separate post next time… if you spot any more Batman v Superman tie-ins at the grocery store, please leave a comment below (or in the comments when I link this post on Facebook). Thanks!

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