Funko Pop! Batman vs Superman Glow in the Dark Set


I’ve posted about Funko figures many times before… I understand they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like them. Not only are they neat little figures, but I’m probably more impressed by the fact that they’ve accrued so many licenses in such a short time. It’s kind of nuts to be able to go into an FYE or Hot Topic and see the giant wall of different characters all in this format. Who would have thought you could buy a figure of, say, Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black?

Anyway, I only found out about this set recently, and have been holding my nose as I dash into various Walmart stores looking for it. Thankfully, I got lucky this morning at the fourth one I’ve hit in the past week in Shrewsbury, PA. This set of Batman vs. Superman Funko Pop! figures is an exclusive to Walmart and the cool thing about this is that they glow in the dark. Pretty cool, though I haven’t had mine charged enough to be able to take a decent “glow” shot yet. Here are some pics.





I’ve seen these on eBay, but if you are patient, you should be able to find them for $17.88 eventually!

Additional Info

There are other Funko Pop! figures for Batman v Superman, including singles of Batman and Superman, a Superman Soldier (whatever that is), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and a Nightmare Batman. There are also a few exclusives, including a glow-in-the-dark Aquaman that’s exclusive to Hot Topic, a Batman v Superman boxed set (no glow, just regular paint) that’s exclusive to Toys R Us (I think), and an armored suit Batman that is exclusive to the Legion of Collectors.

Alert! Don’t pay the $40+ eBay prices for that armored suit Funko Pop! Batman! As of March 19, when I signed up for the Legion of Collector’s second box, they were offering the first one at the original price of $25 after signup for the second box. The site also showed a remaining quantity of over 5000, so these won’t be that impossibly hard to get, I don’t think!

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