Superman Superhopper Pogo Stick

Released in 1977 by Master Juvenile Products, this Superman pogo stick is part of their Superhoppers series of character pogo sticks. Also included in the series were Batman and Spider-man. These shipped unassembled in a large box with a nice illustration of Superman standing in front of Metropolis. The bust portion of the figure consists of two molded and painted pieces in hard vinyl, and to assemble, you screw the front of the bust to the back with the top of the pogo stick inside.

(Package photo courtesy Hake’s Americana and Collectibles.)

I love that the back page of the instructions shows how you use a pogo stick. I also love that you could order a replacement torso for only $5.50 plus $1.00 shipping.

4 thoughts on “Superman Superhopper Pogo Stick

  1. I was given this pogo stick by some college friends after they got tired of it being an ironic decoration in their apartment. I appreciated it, however, wish someone wouldn’t have drunkenly written the word, “Turd” on Supey’s forehead in black marker.


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