Haebaragi Superman Eraser from Korea

Strawberries are his anti-Kryptonite.

This is pretty much why I love browsing eBay. I would never have known this existed if I didn’t happen to stumble on it.

This is a jointed school eraser in the shape of Superman sold by Haebaragi in Korea. He’s about 2″ tall when unfolded and comes with four tiny strawberries for some odd reason. He has no Superman emblem and no DC Comics markings on the back, so I doubt it’s officially licensed. It’s probably just a figure made in the style of Superman to stay in a legal gray area, but we all know who he’s supposed to be. It appears to be a 2007 release by what looks like a date on the back of the package.

I just love this kind of weird foreign Superman item. The package art is really dynamic and fun with bright graphics in a cute chibi/superdeformed style.

I don’t read Korean, so if anyone cares to translate the package text, please post in the comments.

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