Superman Clearfield Cheese Box

Mmmm, imitation pasteurized process cheese spread!

I really enjoy when I find a particularly weird Superman item. This is a box for Superman brand imitation process cheese spread made by Clearfield Cheese Company of Curnersville, Pennsylvania. Dated 1967, which I believe was at or near the peak of the popularity of process cheese spread, this box measures 8.625″ high by 2.375″ high by 2.75″ deep and features colorful silver age art by Curt Swan and golden age art (Shuster or a tracing) of Superman breaking chains on the ends. The box is in two parts, the printed lid and the plain brown bottom base.

Note that the top has a stamped price of 59 cents. Not too bad for two pounds of imitation pasteurized process cheese spread!

I knew I had to own this when I saw the particularly ridiculous picture of Superman lusting after this incredibly unappetizing slab of melted cheese product over a piece of toast. At least they dressed it up with some pickle slices, a radish floret and a garnish of parsley.


This photo reminds me a lot of the horrible food photography of the period, a cultural phenomenon well documented in James Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food.

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