Hallmark Golden Age Superman Statue

This Golden Age Superman statue was released in 1996 by Hallmark as part of their DC Super Heroes statue series. The series also included a modern, mullet version of Superman, as well as Golden Age and modern versions of Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman.

This box for this package is nice, but understated. The designer clearly was influenced by the 60s Batman TV show’s comic book sound effects, which even in the 90s was a complete cliche. “Bam! Biff! Pow! Comics aren’t just for kids!” seems to be the title of about half of all news stories written about comics since 1966. At least the sound effects are ghosted back and subtle.

The statue itself stands about 10″ high and is based on the classic image of Superman breaking a chain from the cover of Superman #11 by Fred Ray. The sculptor did an excellent job capturing the spirit of the original cover art. Superman stands on a fake steel base shaped like the slightly rounded Golden Age Superman logo.

It’s a real beauty, and seems underappreciated in collector circles, at least in comparison to something like the Randy Bowen Superman statue, famous for occupying a shelf in Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment on his TV show. This special edition was limited to “only” 14,500 pieces, which means that there should be plenty around for a good long time. I like how the number plate is right there on the base, too.

Did you know? Randy Bowen appeared as an extra on Seinfeld in the theater scene on the ninth season episode “The Puerto Rican Day.” Source

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