DC Direct All Star Superman and Super Lois

Released in 2008, Superman and Super Lois were part of DC Direct’s All Star series of action figures which also included Batman and Batgirl. Standing 6.75″ high (Superman) and 6.5″ high (Lois), these two figures are based on the art of Frank Quitely from Grant Morrison’s highly regarded All Star Superman mini-series. In part of the series, Superman takes Lois Lane to the Fortress of Solitude for her birthday, and gives her a costume and a potion which gives her his powers for 24 hours.

Ladies first:

The packaging is nice and features some of the Quitely art from All Star Superman, as well as plugs for the graphic novels.

As for the figure itself, Super Lois is really disappointing. I could go all angry nerd about it, but it boils down to the poor painting. If I were handier with a brush, I’d be tempted to try to repaint the face… look at how the prototype looks on the back of the package and compare it to the end result. Her eyes are too close together, the lip color is too dark, and the mascara is too heavy.

It’s not horrible, but it’s not good, either. At least the body’s nice and the costume looks good. As they usually do, DC Direct included figure stands with these, so you don’t have to worry too much about the figures doing any shelf diving.

Superman has the same style packaging layout with some slight color and art tweaks to individualize it.

The All Star Superman figure is MUCH nicer than Lois. The sculpt is great, and the paint on the face is subtle. I really like the costume on this, too. My only issue is that he seems to lean back a little bit on the stand; I had to Photoshop the angled pics to get him to stand up straight. Still, a great figure.

My other issue with Super Lois is her height. She’s almost as tall as Superman. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s just a little weird especially when they are displayed side by side like they should be.

There’s also an All Star Bizarro figure available as part of a boxed set that includes Superman, Bizarro, and the All Star Superman graphic novel.

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  1. My beef with the Superman figure is the S; I don’t understand why DC Direct didn’t replicate Quitely’s S-shield. Other than that, I love these figures.

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