Brick Mantooth / Mego Museum Supercollector

The Most Important Action Figure Ever Made!

Hellooooo, ladies!

My friend Brian collects vintage catalogs and mocks some of the most egregious 70s fashion disasters he finds on his web site Plaid Stallions. He noticed a particularly recognizable male model in many of the spreads who seemed to epitomize everything 70s, so Brian adopted him as the Plaid Stallions site mascot and gave him a fictional 70s name: Brick Mantooth. And then Brian made an action figure of him!

Brick Mantooth is a Mego-scale action figure, meaning he’s 8″ tall and he plays well with other 70s dolls (and new ReMego dolls in 1:9 scale). He’s available as a swinging single and as a special Mego Museum version with an additional head and costume of the Mego Museum mascot The Supercollector. The Supercollector even comes with a meticulously hand molded resin copy of the Mego Museum playset logo. Both versions come in a colorful flip around solid box with illustrations by Mego Museum founder Scott. Sweet!

Brian’s really gone all out on this thing… he even made a vintage-style commercial:

The beauty of Brick Mantooth is that it really embodies the spirit of toys, which is to just have open-ended and creative fun. It’s a joke anyone can be in on, and Mego collectors seem to have really embraced the idea. My friend Steve (who constantly gets mistaken for me on the Museum) even went as far as to create a Brick-scaled van he called Vantooth.

Steve also created Man Mates, a hilarious and extremely limited edition line of awful fashions. Shown below is his Purple Heysssss.

And, of course, there’s Brick’s Bachelor Pad playset from Dida Displays. No joke!

The other great thing about Brick is that he makes great custom fodder. Back in the dark ages of the 1990s, you had to use real vintage Megos to do customs, and because Mego only made 30 some odd figures, you were stuck using the same heads over and over again. Brick’s just one more option for kitbashing… particularly if you want to make a Jackson Bostwick Shazam.

I would have paid a million dollars for this when I was eight years old.

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