Syroco Superman (Brown and Red Version)

A few weeks after I posted this special guest feature post of Karl H’s amazing and rare Syroco Superman Ashtray, Karl was kind enough to contact me to let me know that a broken Syroco Superman was listed on eBay and ending in five days. That gave me time to mull over if I wanted to take a run at it. My #1 want is a wood and composition Ideal Superman, but I hadn’t even considered trying to get a Syroco Superman since they’re so rare and expensive. Since this one was broken at the thigh and ankle, it was affordable, and I was lucky enough to win it. Thanks, Karl!

There are three different versions of Syroco Superman figure: the super rare fully painted version with an ashtray base (with less than 5 known to exist), the fully painted figure, and this brown and red style. Though this brown and red version is the most common of the three variations, it’s still pretty tough to find.

Here’s what it looks like now that it’s back from restoration:

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