My Want List

I always have a hard time making up want lists because I’m more the kind of collector who likes to browse and find bargains, and I usually buy whatever I happen to luck across at the right price. That said, since you’re twisting my arm, here is my current “official” want list. It’s by no means complete.

Updated 8-26-2014

Captain Action Superman in the original box
Captain Action Superboy
Ideal Super Queens Supergirl
Kresge carded Mego Superman figure Found one finally!
Mego 8″ Superman in the original box (Type 2 version with white border around the window)
Denim-carded Mego Superman Pocket Heroes figure Got it! Woo!
Mego Magna-Heroes Superman figure
Superman Krypto-Ray Gun
Multiple Toymakers Superman Water Gun
PSA/DNA certified Christopher Reeve autograph Got it! Woo!
Unusual Superman action figure bootlegs
Superman-related food packaging or premiums (particularly breakfast cereal)
Shonengahosha Superman Hardback books from Japan published in 1959
Imai Junior Series Superman Car model kit
Unusual or foreign Superman items (love Japanese merchandise in particular)

Have anything on this list? Have anything else Superman-related you want to sell? Please contact me!

5 thoughts on “My Want List

  1. I have a “Celebrate the Century” 1930s Superman stand-up display that was given to me when I was a kid visiting the US Post Office in Eagle Pass, TX. I wanted to see what you knew of this. Thank you very much!

  2. I am more looking for information on something I have rather than an item to sell. I picked it up with a lot of toys I bought from a gentleman and was told it was a 70’s Superman glow in the dark kryptonite rubber bouncy ball but I can find nothing. Its roughly 2″x2″ is half GITD yellow and the other half GITD red, not round but shaped like a rock, but is does bounce. I can send pictures. Any help identifying would be great


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